Project Type: New office / Warehouse Building

Location: Rt. 513 (Green Pond Road) Rockaway twp., New Jersey

Description: This project consists of a complete design of a new 10,502 sf. Office / Warehouse Building and the design of the full site plan. The existing site contains a residential dwelling that will be torn down and removed. The 2 acre lot contains freshwater wetlands for which we had to comply with NJDEP wetlands setbacks. The proposed design includes proper parking, driveway circulation, loading zones, fenced In outside storage area, landscaping, lighting, freestanding sign and an infiltration basin to control storm water run-off.

The proposed building consists of an Office space with an attached Warehouse as well as two flanking blank tenant spaces for future Professional Offices. The office has been designed to allow as much natural light in as possible with skylights and perimeter windows, creating a productive office environment. A Mezzanine was added to capture as much floor plan as possible. The building has been designed in a “Rustic Lodge” style with residential character and not a Office Industrial Box, we so commonly see.